Maria Johnson

Audiobook Narrator ~
Authentic, Warm, Compelling British Storyteller ~ "Like a Fireside Brandy"

5 Star Audible Review "From the very beginning, the narrator's warm and captivating voice draws you in, making every emotion and revelation feel intimately personal."

Author Review "I am blown away with how well done your narration is! ... I really like how you did the marquis' French accent, and Pevensey's voice tone turned out very nicely too. Thank you for your work on this!!" -Rosanne E. Lortz Author of The Pevensey Mystery Series.

Maria Johnson_Narrator

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Lit Fiction - Rom/Com scene - 3rd person M/F Dialogue-Yorkshire-RP Accents

Cozy Mystery - 1st person. M/F-West Country and British RP Accents

Non-Fiction 1st Person - History


Maria is a British narrator, actor, improv performer and jazz singer from a small seaside town in Northern England, who feels at home in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristos, New Mexico. She brings a rich tapestry of experiences, adventures and training to her passion for audiobook narration. She has also narrated for PBS in Documentary, and in voice-over for Radio and TV commercials and as a L'Oreal spokesperson. Maria first arrived in NYC at the age of 18, and had a successful modeling career working with top designers and photographers, in print, runway and TV. She has traveled extensively, and lived in Italy, Germany & France. She loves producing audiobooks from her professional home studio - portraying distinct characters and authenticity in a variety of accents. She has a BA in Liberal Arts with emphasis in literature, psychology, and art. Her studies continue in acting for theater, voice acting, and improv.Hobbies include landscape painting, photography, singing, dancing, gardening, and baking. When her travels permit, she loves snorkeling and SCUBA diving wherever the water is a deep turquoise. And, as a great admirer of Mother Nature, she hikes in the mountains of Northern New Mexico everyday with her big, adorable dog, Nuschka.

Maria Johnson_Narrator

Audiobook Production: Pro Home Studio: AudioTechnica 2035 mic, Shock mount, and pop filter, Focusrite Scarlett Solo preamp, DAW: Audacity.Accents: British RP, Multiple British Regional Dialects (Scottish, Irish, Cockney, Estuary, Yorkshire, Welsh) French, Italian, Spanish, German, Australian, American, American Southern.
Languages: Fluent in English, trained in French. Familiar with Spanish and Italian.
Genres: Historical Fiction, Regency Romance, Thriller/Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Memoir, Non-Fiction/ Self Development/Spiritual, Children's Books,
Documentary Film, Commercials.


Romance - 3rd person - M/F Dialogue - Northern British accents

Regency Romance - 3rd person-M/F Dialogue-British RP Accent

Fiction Mystery - 3rd person. Cockney-RP Accents.

3rd Person Multiple M/F Characters. Yorkshire-Scottish Accents. Historical Mystery

Non-Fiction - 3rd person - Climate Change

Non-Fiction - 3rd person - Relationships


Irish-Literary Fiction -3rd person-F-F Dialogue

German - 1st person - Age 70

Italian- British RP- 3rd person - Age 20s - Regency

French-U.S - 1st person Literary Fiction

Cockney - 3rd person - M/F Age 20s - Regency Mystery/ Comedy

Australian - 3rd person + Dialogue - Fiction


Audible 5-star Review: "The narrator expertly maintains the undercurrent of tension and hardship, while revealing the depth of each character's experience. The story is told in such an absorbing manner, it was hard to step away from listening."

5 Star Audible Review "I loved the book when I read it, but the narrator for the audiobook did such a great job bringing all these characters to life I felt like I was reliving this wonderful story. She had so many characters to work with, and none of the voices were the same. She’s pretty amazing."

5 Star Audible Review "The narrator's acting is brilliant and each character's voice so distinct, they are instantly recognizable, allowing the listener to become truly immersed in the tale."

Author Review "Wow. The pacing was just right, and I liked how you shaped her voice and diction--better than I had imagined it. The scene with the soldiers was like a movie. I'm impressed". - E. Cosgrove, Author.

Theater Review "...And brava to dialect coach Maria Johnson, whose sure hand led these talented actors to flawless delivery of both aristocratic and cockney accents." - Theater Review in SFReporter.

5 Star Audible Review "The narration was excellent! Maria's voice transports the listener into the story so well, it's like the story plays out as a movie in my mind. She does the various character voices and accents really well. You know which character is speaking. Excellent story, excellent narration."

Audiook "The narration of Maria Johnson holds the right pace for the story from start to finish. The voice acting is superb, with voices easily discernible as the story progresses. Listeners will hear the perfect intonation suited to the scene and characters. The accents were impeccable." - Rox Burkey

Author Review - "What can I say except WOW , You have done an amazing job and I am so pleased with the result. It was better than I could ever have imagined... you brought it back to life! I was quite emotional listening to it. Thank-you so much, I don't think I could have asked for anyone better to narrate it...amazing work Thanks again." C.A Scrimshaw, Memoir Author.

PBS Documentary Director Review "Maria was an amazing discovery in my search for the perfect professional to portray the true character of Lillian Ross. Her vocal tone, pacing, inflection, and ability to adopt the emotion and Wisconsin dialect was exactly what was needed to bring Lillian to life. Her performance was one of the best elements of the film." -J. Cooney, Director


t: (505) 603-2929